We are seeking postgraduate students and early career academics to join the conversation along with our keynote presenters. Our event flier can be downloaded here.

We are particularly seeking to foster a discussion about how prosperity relates to joy. This is primarily a conversation about a theological concept – joy – and an economic state – prosperity. Yet between those two ideas sits a vast range of potentially fascinating discussions.

As such, we welcome participants from fields outside economics and theology, who have an interest in these topics. Anthropologists, geographers, and philosophers, students of politics, public policy, or sociology, those considering the question from a historical or psychological perspective – the workshop will only be enriched by having voices from different fields involved. Scholars of religion or theologians from outside the Christian tradition are also encouraged to consider joining this discussion.

To apply, please email us with your CV by March 17th.

If you are interested in chairing a session or being a respondent to one of the keynote presenters please indicate that in your email.